Grzimek’s Animal Life Online

Grzimek’s 17-volume Animal Life Encyclopedia is the print standard for conventional animal reference collections. Grzimek’s Animal Life Online is an example of the new generation of resources designed with users in mind. Constantly updated with facts, figures, news and views, this image-rich resource is a true educational experience where a quick trip to find specific information can lead to the desire to explore and learn more. This resource provides coverage of more than 4,000 species categorized by “Amphibians”, “Birds”, “Fish”, “Insects”, “Invertebrates”, “Mammals”, and “Reptiles”, including information on evolution, habitat, behavior, range and more; authoritative, peer-reviewed content; immersive tools like interactive range maps and an intuitive interface let users discover while also supporting serious academic research; thousands of photos, maps, videos, audio tracks and more.

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