The ATLA Historical Monographs Collection (BETA Version)

The ATLA Historical Monographs Collection (Beta Version) contains a limited data set of the full monographs collection. When completed later this year, the collection will contain more than 29,000 titles focused on religion and theology. It will be available in two series: Series 1 consists of titles from the 13th Century through the 1893 World Parliament of Religions, with the majority of titles from the 19th Century. Series 2 consists of titles published from 1894 through 1923. There are 2 overview essays presented in HTML which are accessible from the Reference shelf and are labeled as “Collection Overview Essays – ATLA.” The first is authored by Dr Dennis Norlin, ATLA President, and presents an overview of the collection. The second is authored by Prof. Martin Marty. This essay provides an insight into the role of religion in the culture of the United States. Many more overview essays are scheduled to be added to the product upon full release.

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Trial expires: Tuesday, June 30,  2009