Encyclopedia of Early Modern History Online

Provides information on the history of the early modern period, roughly 1450 1850. Takes a global approach to history, both in terms of countries and subjects covered. The scope is reflected in the ten broad subject areas: state/political authority, global interaction, law & constitution, lifestyles & social change; economy, natural sciences & medicine, culture & communication, churches & religious culture, literature/art/music, and environment & technological change. Written from a European perspective, the bibliographies include international scholarship in all European languages. The English version is a work in progress. Articles will be added as the translations become available.

Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature in Britain

Provides coverage of all the literatures present in the British Isles regardless of language from 449 1541. Old and Middle English, Anglo-Norman, Latin, French, and Celtic literature are included. Entries also cover book history, places, historical events, political and religious persons of importance to the understanding of literature and literary culture in the British Isles. Provides an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to medieval literature. Bibliographies and Further Readings at the end of each article.

Oxford Bibliographies. Literary and Critical Theory

Offers peer-reviewed annotated bibliographies on literary and critical theory. Introductory essay provides a review of current research trends and issues. Entries for individuals, movements, schools of thought, and critical concepts. Bibliographies are browseable by subject area and keyword searchable. Contains a “My OBO” function that allows users to create personalized bibliographies of individual citations from different bibliographies.

Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English

A tool for searching English prose works from ~1150 A.D. to the early 20th century. Search for simple text (a word/ phrase), text tagged by its part of speech (verb, noun, etc.), or for the syntactic structure. Useful for students and scholars studying the history of English and English language. There are three separate sections: The Penn The Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Middle English, Second Edition (PPCME2), The Penn-Helsinki Parsed Corpus of Early Modern English (PPCEME), The Penn Parsed Corpus of Modern British English (PPCMBE)

Translations of the Peking Gazette Online

Supplies English language translations of official Chinese documents, edicts, and reports from the Qing Dynasty (1793 -1912). Documents the changes and conflicts as China struggles through imperial decline to engage with the world beyond its borders. Browse by year or search by keyword from the home page; advanced search includes limits for all words, some words, and exact phrase; year of publication.

Access Physiotherapy

A comprehensive online physiotherapy resource which integrates leading physical therapy textbooks, procedure and exercise videos, image galleries, self-assessment tools, and a unique cadaver dissection tool.

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Trial expires on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.


Factiva.com, from Dow Jones, provides access to a wide range of information from newspapers, newswires, industry publications, websites, company reports, and more. The broad range of content provides both local insight and global perspective on business issues and current events – especially regarding current information on companies, industries, and financial markets.

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Provides access to experimental facts such as compound properties and reaction data in addition to relevant literature. Indexes journals, patents, and text book chapters. Use quick search or a drag-and-drop query builder that includes structure drawing, molecular formula building, and basic indexes. Also allows planning of synthesis routes which can be integrated into workflows.

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Trial expires on Friday, March 16, 2018.

RIPM Preservation Series. European & North American Music Periodicals

Provides full text images and keyword searching for rare musical journals from major European and American cities. These titles are not accessible elsewhere, including the Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals (RIPM)


Provides access to thousands of recorded classical concerts, operas, ballets, master classes, and documentaries, as well as live broadcasts from major concert halls and music festivals. Watch through a web browser, or using AirPlay or Chromecast. Free apps are available for use on iOS and Android devices. The player automatically adapts to the user’s connection to provide the highest possible level of video quality.

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