Editorial Cartoons

Examine each editorial cartoon and answer the questions underneath.

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¬†Educating the Indians–a female pupil of the government school at Carlisle visits her home at Pine Ridge Agency


1. How is the young Native American woman different from the other Native Americans? Does she look like she belongs with them?

2. What would the young woman have learned at the Indian school that would result in her change from the rest of the Native Americans?

3. Was the establishment of Indian Schools helpful or harmful to Native Americans?

4. How does this image portray Indian Schools and its effects on Native Americans?


Uncle Sam’s Indian Policy


1. Where are the letters “US” found? Who has the items that say “US”?

2. What are the two men riding on?

3. What does what they are riding on represent? (Hint: it’s labeled in the picture)

4. Who is being represented in this picture?

5. What is the significance of the Native American being in possession of all the items that say “US”?

Our Indian policy – A house of cards


1. Who is the man in the middle? What does he represent?

2. Who looks upset in this cartoon? Why are they upset?

3. Describe the white men standing behind the Native Americans. What are they doing?

4. Why is the United States’ Indian Policy being represented by a house of cards? Why might the other men keep blowing the house down?

5. What message is the author trying to convey? Which group does he seem to side with?