Charlie Company soldier

Charlie Company soldier lights a hut on fire


  1. What is happening in this photo?
  2. Describe the soldier’s facial expression.
  3. What reactions might this photo arouse in an audience?
  4. How does this photo represent the Charlie Company?
  5. How might this photo influence a Vietnamese citizen’s opinion of American soldiers?


My Lai bodies
My Lai victims lay dead


  1. What types of people do you see in this photo?
  2. Who are these people?
  3. What might be the purpose behind photographing such a sight?
  4. What types of emotions does this photo arouse?
  5. How might this photograph affect the American public if published?


Female My Lai victims
Scared females amidst violence in My Lai village


  1. Who do you see in this photo?
  2. How do these people appear to be feeling?
  3. Why might these people be exhibiting such emotions?
  4. Do these people look like an enemy or like they pose a threat to American soldiers?
  5. Why are photos like this, and those above, powerful?