Educated in Ecuador

Yolanda Eddings is a Deaf Education major and a member of Baylor’s Missions Leadership Council. She graciously shared about her trip to Ecuador this past summer.

Tell us a little about your trip!
This past summer, I went on a Deaf Education mission trip with a group of 11 to Ecuador. It was such a humbling experience. I have experienced so much of their culture, and the food was amazing!

What were you most surprised by on the trip?
Even though there was a language barrier because of the different languages being spoken- English, Spanish, Ecuadorian Sign Language, and American Sign Language- it seemed as if we still knew what each other was saying.

What did you enjoy most about the trip?
I was able to see another part of the world I could not have imagined I would be able to see on my own. The country is so beautiful, especially with all of the greenery! Their food and fresh juices made are different than ours. Everything is just wide open.

What were some of your favorite experiences on your trip?
I was able to visit the Equator and multiple gift shops, experience their education system, and even see a few homes. We, as Americans, are so privileged. The little things that we stress, Ecuadorians do not. Such as air conditioning, eating establishments, different amenities, et cetera. I was also able to experience real cocoa being produced at the Chicao farm. The chocolate is so pure and delicious!

What were you most thankful for on your trip?
I am thankful we had a tri-lingual person with us to help translate, if it wasn’t for her, I do not know how we would have made it.

Do you imagine you’ll return to Ecuador?
I loved Ecuador so much, that I want to plan a trip in the future and take my family! I want them to be able to experience how they live and to see that you don’t need material things to be happy.

What would you say to someone thinking about going on a mission trip?
Words can’t express how beautiful the country is or the experience I have had. You just have to take a trip yourself to find out.

Thank you, Yolanda, for sharing your experiences with us! Do you have questions about Baylor Missions? Email!

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