Team Leader Spotlight: Dr. Lori Spies

Dr. Lori Spies, Assistant Professor and Missions Coordinator at Baylor’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing, was recently awarded a Fulbright Global U.S. Scholar Award to participate in global health research projects in India, Vietnam and Zambia. Through the years, Dr. Spies has led many trips through Baylor Global Missions. In 2018, she led a Baylor Missions Nursing trip to Zambia.

Dr. Spies was recently featured by the Baylor Connections podcast because she was awarded a Fulbright Global U.S. Scholar Award. Find the podcast here. Baylor Missions interviewed her earlier this year:

What is a fun fact about yourself?  I have been to Africa more than 20 times.

What is your favorite thing about being a team leader?  Creating a team environment that is supportive and caring but challenges each team member. I enjoy guiding students in how their gifts and talents contribute to the work of the team and supports are in-country colleagues.

What makes a good team leader, and what do you look for in a team member?  A good team member is able to have fun, is flexible, and open to new opportunities to serve alongside our brothers and sisters around the world.  A good team member is passionate about the work, committed to the team as well as the people served. A good leader is able to create a shared vision and provide guidance to achieve the mission goals. Leadership involves taking the time to know the team and creating environments of caring, collaboration and cooperation.

What is some of your favorite media that has influenced the way you do missions?  Seeing how my Baylor University colleagues serve in so many diverse ways around the world has inspired me to consider new ways to be on mission and serve God.

We are thankful for leaders like Dr. Spies who encourage Baylor students to serve the world in compassionate ways! Dr. Spies said it best when she said, “I don’t want to lead a trip where we’re going in and putting a band-aid on a problem. If my students can partner, within an existing infrastructure, and get to know local people, I think it strengthens our respect for the country while increasing our awareness. I want my students to be compassionate in the care they give, but also collegial as they develop responses.”

If you’re looking to be a part of a trip where you can become a partner with a community, connect with Baylor Missions!

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