Student Leader Spotlight: Sarah Lairmore


Name: Sarah Lairmore
Major: Medical Humanities
Year: Senior
Years of Service: 3

This week, we get to hear from Sarah, a member of the Urban Missions Advisory Council and a volunteer at the Kate Ross Kings Club.  Each Thursday, this group gathers together to provide a safe environment for kids to have fun and learn about Jesus in.  Their goal is to “be examples of God’s love to kids who desperately need it by forming relationships with them, teaching them about Jesus, and being a positive, consistent influence in their lives.”  Here’s what Sarah had to say about her time of service with Kings Club:

I first got involved with Urban Missions during my freshman year, when a friend of mine spoke warmly about her experiences at Kings Club and invited me to join her one week. My first time there, I could see how much the program meant to both the children and the volunteers. I was a bit overwhelmed when I heard the Baylor students calling each of the many kids by name, but I soon fell in love with the program; I have been volunteering there consistently ever since.

Urban Missions was so important for me as a young college student, because it gave me the opportunity to see faith put into action at a time when I was wrestling with some big questions. College is a time when we learn a lot in the classroom and about ourselves, but serving in the community is what took this to the next level for me.

Because I have been serving at the same location for 3 years, I have built strong relationships with the people at Kate Ross. I have seen the kids grow up, and have been humbled by their openness, adaptability, and maturation into bright and caring young people. I have also learned about my Waco neighbors who live differently than we do in the Baylor bubble. Serving with Urban Missions uncovered a passion for serving and connecting with others that has spilled over into every area of my life. Not only have I looked for other opportunities to serve, but it has taught me to be a more genuine and dependable friend and more inquisitive student. As a pre-med student, my goal to become a physician has been challenged and expanded; I plan to continue to prioritize service as a physician.

Spending time with the kids is the highlight of my week, and helps me to keep life’s stresses in perspective. School is important, and it can take a lot of our time and energy, but I have found that taking some time to invest in others helps to center me and realign my priorities.

My experience with Urban Missions has taught me that mission work does not always manifest itself in a dramatic way. In this instance, demonstrating to people of my community that I care for them was something I could do right now, in my local community. In this way, missions became something much more accessible and applicable to everyday life.

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Story by Katie Stahl Jensen, Missions Storytelling Graduate Associate

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