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What are you doing for Fall Break?

For those of you without any firm Fall Break plans, why not spend your break taking active steps toward preparing for your career?  Whether still in the exploration stage, or focused on the career of your dreams, Fall Break could provide a nice opportunity for job shadowing.

For one thing, you have a day off from school, freeing up a large chunk of time.  Second, many students return to their hometowns for the break, where they have a larger network.  Think of family members, friends’ parents, and people from church who work in careers that interest you.  Contact them, and ask if they would be open to you shadowing for a couple of hours.  If that is not feasible, maybe you could invite them out for coffee for a brief information interview. provides a nice “Informational Interview Tutorial.”

Of course, take some time over the break to rest up, so you can return to schoolwork and your career exploration refreshed and raring to go!