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Today, we continue a list of article links we’ve noticed this week.  We hope they are helpful.  Please let us know if there is a particular topic you would like to see more articles about.

  • Do you tweet?  The following article details the value of social media in recruiting in a unique and readable graphic format.  Aerotek also lists ways that you can make your various social media platforms work for you.

“Using Social Media to Optimize the Job Search”

  • Are you wondering what your skills are?  Spend time exploring this great resource through Career Key that allows you to process through and consider the skills you have.

  • Considering the essential pieces necessary for a well-prepared job search?  Read this article from U.S. News detailing specific items needed when on the job hunt.

Baylor University Office of Career and Professional Development does not specifically endorse or support all articles and website links that may be found within these websites. 

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