In Their Own Words

This week, we are continuing our “In Their Own Words” series, hearing from Madeline Gregory, BA ’12, about her journey after Baylor.  Thanks, Madeline, for sharing your story with us!

MYM:  What led you to consider graduate work in communications?

MG:  I decided to go to graduate school when I realized that I would be graduating a whole year early from Baylor.  I just considered graduate school to be my fourth year of undergrad.  Most of my friends are still currently seniors graduating this year, so I will just be one more step ahead with my Masters.

MYM:  What is your educational background?

MG: My educational background: Lamar High School in Houston, TX  Class of 2009

Baylor University Communication Specialist Major with News-Editorial Minor Class of 2012

MYM:  What type of work do you hope to pursue following your studies and what do you feel has best prepared/will prepare you for your work?

MG:  I hope to pursue anything in the media field in regards to communications. I would love to work within a sports environment possibly doing production work.  I could also work for a news station with my journalism background, or even corporate America with a focus on marketing and social media.  My communications major leaves all doors open as far as where I can take my skills.  I will apply to all areas and see where is the best fit and the best opportunity.

I feel that what has best prepared be for my work is all of the work samples and documents that I have completed throughout my educational experience that I could show a future employer.  I have everything easily at my fingertips to help represent myself.  If someone wants to know something about me I can send them an email with my information and a link to my website which I update with new material to help get that first job.  Also, being able to hand out business cards with your email, phone number, website listed, along with your title as Higher Education Professional is great personal touch when you meet a future employer.  I think it is very useful for anyone to see all my information with easy access.  I also have my blog for writing samples and my LinkedIn network set up with all of my information updated to connect with others.

MYM:  Please take us through a typical day.

MG:  My typical day starts out with homework, as I work on all my different assignments during the day before my classes start at night to be able to stay ahead which allows myself to take more graduate hours to help get through the Masters program quickly.  Since all Masters classes are at night, I use my free time for research and completing homework assignments.  Since the typical amount of graduate hours is nine, I am taking twelve this semester to help graduate in December.

MYM:  What is your advice to students interested in pursuing this world of work?

MG:  My advice to students is to not drag out school longer than is necessary.  If you are going to take longer than a year and a half for a Masters, then consider working during the day to also have that work experience for your resume.  So that when you are done with school, you have that work experience to back you up when looking for jobs.  It takes more time management to work and go to school at the same time, but it is doable.  If you just want to focus on school and not work, try to take as many courses as you can with allowing your day time hours to be focused on your studies.  Also, make a LinkedIn profile for adding connections and even more so connect with alumni groups and honor society groups on LinkedIn as well.  These group discussions have consistent job listings on the posts which helps for when you want to start applying for jobs.  I will start the applying the last semester before I graduate from my Masters program since many of the openings are wanting to be filled within a month.

When working towards writing your thesis in your Masters program make sure that you are completing assignments that can help lead up and contribute to your thesis.  It will definitely help so that you won’t be starting from scratch.  You will already have written papers on what you could use for your main thesis topic.

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  7. Hearing from Madeline Gregory and learning about her experiences after Baylor is wonderful. These blossom word game observations from Madeline Gregory offer students considering a career in communications and similar professions helpful guidance and perspective.

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