Careers for Biology Majors

We know that pre-healthcare students flock to the Biology major, but what career options exist for students who are fascinated with life science and do not want to work in the healthcare field?  Too often, I hear the remark made, “All you can do with a biology degree is teach.”  Teaching is a noble and worthy profession, but aside from that, prospective and current biology majors should investigate the wide variety of options available to them post-graduation.  Here are some places to begin your research:

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta)– an organization for Baylor students who are interested in biology

Career Resources on the Department of Biology website

Biological Sciences WebLinks from Northern Illinois University Career Services

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  12. We wanted to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your enlightening article on potential career paths for biology majors. Your piece not only addresses a common misconception but also opens up a world of possibilities for those who are captivated by the realm of life sciences.

    Your effort in dispelling the notion that a biology degree solely leads to a teaching career is truly commendable. Your suggestions, such as exploring resources like Beta Beta Beta and the Department of Biology website, provide aspiring and current biology majors with a wealth of avenues to explore.

    By highlighting the diverse range of options available beyond the healthcare field, you have undoubtedly inspired countless individuals to consider careers that align with their passion for biology. Your article is not just informative but empowering, as it encourages students to broaden their horizons and delve into various opportunities.

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