Majors for Creative Types

Maybe you march to beat of your own drummer.  Maybe you notice yourself spending more time on your creative hobbies than your homework.  Maybe you know you get bored with the same old routine.  Any of these reasons might be cause for exploring a major that allows you to practice and refine your creative talents.  Here are some ideas to consider: 

Fine Arts and Applied Art Majors

Let’s start with the obvious.  Fine arts majors offer very direct ways of honing your craft, whether it involves visual art, music, or theatre.  Related majors at Baylor include:

  • Apparel Design and Product Development
  • Apparel Merchandising
  • Interior Design
  • Art History
  • Studio Art
  • Music
  • Theatre

Communication and Creative Business Majors

Many students have a gift for written expression.  Others are able to apply creative business strategies to help increase profit for an organization or use their business savvy for an employer in the arts and entertainment industry.  Here are some related majors to consider:

  • Communication Specialist
  • Film and Digital Media
  • Communication Studies
  • English
  • Professional Writing
  • Journalism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Media Business

Majors for Innovators

Some creative problem solvers might not describe themselves as creative in the artistic sense of the word.  However, the mind for approaching dilemmas from new and varied perspectives is definitely a creative asset.  Though this type of thinking can apply in any industry, it is often found in those with interests in some of the following areas:

  • Science majors
  • Engineering majors

It is important to remember that each of us is equipped with creative potential, and any discipline has opportunities to explore and develop.  Take a look at the list of Baylor majors.  What ignites a creative spark in you?

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  8. Thank you for highlighting the importance of exploring majors that allow individuals to nurture and showcase their creative talents. It’s true that not everyone follows the same path, and for those who find themselves drawn to creative hobbies and seeking unique experiences, considering majors that align with their passions can be a fulfilling choice.

    The list of majors you provided offers a diverse range of options for individuals with different creative inclinations. From fine arts and applied art majors like visual art, music, and theatre, to communication and creative business majors such as professional writing, journalism, and entrepreneurship, there are various avenues to explore and develop one’s creative potential.

    It’s also worth mentioning that creative problem-solving is a valuable asset in any field, and majors in science and engineering can provide opportunities for innovative thinking and approaching challenges from fresh perspectives.

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. In relation to the topic, I would like to ask: Have you personally pursued a major or career that allows you to embrace and express your own creative talents? If so, what has been your experience? If not, what factors have influenced your decision?

    Keep inspiring others to explore their creative potential and find majors that ignite their passion. Your blog posts provide valuable guidance for students seeking to carve their own unique paths.

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