Online Career Resource for Psychology Majors

Psychology majors are frequently asked what they will do with their major.  For those of you who enjoy studying human behavior, there is a great resource available for you called Careers in Psychology.  Students can gather information on graduate school and career possibilities, as well as read profiles of successful psychologists.  Having a sense of your career goals can really help when you are selecting psychology electives, and of course, it is never too early to start planning for graduate school!

75 thoughts on “Online Career Resource for Psychology Majors”

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  6. One online career resource for psychology majors is the American Psychological Association’s website. mymorri
    It provides information on career paths, job search strategies, and networking opportunities. They also offer guidance on continuing education and professional development.

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  9. The connections offers a dedicated section on their website that provides information about various careers in psychology, including job profiles, educational requirements, and advice for career planning.

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