Having the “Major Talk” with Family Members

This weekend is Baylor’s Parent and Family Weekend.  Sharing your Baylor experience with loved ones can bring great joy, but some students are dreading the “Major Talk.”  They are bracing themselves for the inevitable questions, “What are you going to major in?”, “What are you going to do with that major?”, “How are your classes going?”.  If these questions bring you more anxiety than excitement, keep reading.

One of the best ways to prepare for the “Major Talk” is to do your research.  First, have you been working with a career counselor on your major and career decisions?  If not, visit our website to make an appointment.  Letting your parents know that you are seeking professional assistance helps them to see that you are serious about making a wise decision.  You can also let them know that you plan to take initiative by talking with professors at the University-Wide Majors Fair next week.

Another excellent way to prepare for the “Major Talk” is to have facts in hand.  Use the resources on the Career Counseling website to help you explore career possibilities with the majors that interest you.  Additionally, use sites like O*NET OnLine and Occupational Outlook Handbook to research salaries and job growth projections BEFORE your family members ask you about it.  Of course, this is good information for you to know, too!

Finally, if you are really nervous, consider role-playing your “Major Talk” with your career counselor or a trusted friend.  Practicing what you are going to say can boost your confidence and help the conversation go as smoothly as possible.  Best wishes, and let us know how the conversation goes!

University Scholars Major

Would you describe yourself as a renaissance man (or woman)?  For the gifted student, whose interests vary widely, the University Scholars major might be especially appealing.  The major offers a great amount of flexibility in course selection, while also challenging students to excel at the highest levels of scholarly activity.  Reading, writing, and research are core skills that students in the major develop.  For more information, visit the University Scholars website, listen to the podcast, or talk with faculty representatives from the Honors College at the University-Wide Majors Fair.

Careers in Video Game Development

A dream come true for many, video game development is a growing field with opportunities for many different kinds of professionals.  Each year, Game Developer Magazine publishes a Career Guide that can be viewed online.  Included in their “Salary Survey” are programmers, artists/animators, game designers, producers, and others.  This year’s guide has more than 125 pages of information for the aspiring game developer.  Below are links that will allow you to explore Baylor majors that could help prepare you for a career in game development:

Computer Science (Gaming Concentration)

Studio Art (Graphic Design Concentration)

English and Professional Writing

Film and Digital Media

MAP-Works Survey: Last Chance!

If you haven’t heard, MAP-Works is a survey for new students at Baylor.  Unlike other surveys that you may have taken, this one is intended to directly benefit YOU!  After taking the survey, you will immediately have access to your report, which will highlight things you can do achieve your best this semester and beyond.  Tomorrow is the last day to access the survey, so don’t delay.  You can begin the survey or access your report by clicking the MAP-Works link on the left-hand side of your Blackboard home page.  Your report will also let you know who you can talk to on campus if you have questions about your results and how to make the most of your time at Baylor.  This really is 15 minutes well-spent.

Social Entrepreneurship: A New Track and Minor

Students who want to use their business sense to serve others and make a positive impact on the world might be naturally drawn toward the field of social entrepreneurship.  What is social entrepreneurship, you might ask?  Check out this link from PBS.  Still interested?  You can review the course requirements for the Social Entrepreneurship track within the Entrepreneurship major or the Social Entrepreneurship minor.  For further information, visit the Majors Fair (which will also feature minors and secondary majors) on October 16th, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the 2nd Floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

What is Public Administration?

Public administrators are the people who put government policies into action.  They work at all different levels of government, and there are also related public affairs positions in other sectors.  Baylor offers an undergraduate major in Public Administration, and a master’s program in Public Policy and Administration.  To learn more about related careers, consider these links to start your research:

Making the Difference


Why Consider a Career in Local Government? (International City/County Management Association)