Pathways to Teacher Certification

Future educators, and those exploring teaching as a career possibility, have numerous pathways at Baylor for preparing for teacher certification.  Here are some options to consider:

Family and Consumer Sciences: Teacher Certification (Major)

Music Education (Major)

  • Vocal/Keyboard
  • String
  • Wind/Percussion

Business for Secondary Education (Major)

Elementary Education (Major)

  • English as a Second Language (Supplemental Certificate)
  • Gifted and Talented (Supplemental Certificate)
  • Special Education (Supplemental Certificate)

Middle Grades English, Language Arts, and Reading (Major)

Middle Grades Mathematics (Major)

Middle Grades Science (Major)

Middle Grades Social Studies (Major)

Secondary English, Language Arts, and Reading (Major)

Secondary Life Science (Major)

Secondary Mathematics (Major)

Secondary Physical Science (Major)

Secondary Social Studies (Major)

All-Level Physical Education (Major)

All-Level Special Education (Major)

All-Level Spanish (Major)

Health Science Studies- Secondary Science Education (Major)

Communication Sciences and Disorders-Deaf Education Track (Major)

Biology Major with Science Education Minor

Mathematics Major with an Education Minor

Most of the programs listed above have courses that follow a sequence, so the earlier you declare one of these majors, the better your chances of graduating on time.  For those who discover later in the college career (or even after college) that they want to pursue teaching, a postbaccalaureate program is available.  Visit the Strickland Scholars web page for more information on this program.

Questions about any of these major?  Contact an academic advisor or career counselor.

22 thoughts on “Pathways to Teacher Certification”

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