New Podcast: Recreation and Leisure Services

There is a new podcast up in our Meet the Majors series, an interview with faculty from the Recreation and Leisure Services major.  Students who enjoy the outdoors, management, psychology, or sociology might find this program interesting.  I encourage you to take a listen.  While you are visiting our site, please peruse the other podcasts available in the series.  These podcasts allow you to hear major information directly from professors, without the need to add another appointment to your busy schedule.  Kick back, and enjoy!

16 thoughts on “New Podcast: Recreation and Leisure Services”

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  7. The Meet the Majors podcast features an interview with the Recreation and Leisure Services faculty. It’s a great resource for students interested in the outdoors, management, psychology, or sociology. Check out the other podcasts available on the site for more major information. McKesson Connect

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