What Can I Do with a Communication Major?

This space is inadequate to describe at length the wealth of possibilities a student could pursue with a communication degree.  Though most majors aid students in improving their communication skills, this post will address career possibilities with majors in Baylor’s Department of Communication:

Communication Studies (formerly Speech Communication)

Film and Digital Media

Communication Specialist

It should be noted that the Communication Specialist major combines coursework from Communication Studies and Film and Digital Media.  Students who are interested in the Communication Specialist major would be wise to check out careers that relate to both components of the major.

As I mentioned above, selecting a communication major opens up a wide variety of career options.  Think about it.  Most jobs require a person to communicate effectively, whether it means expressing oneself verbally, in writing, or in other forms.  Some nice starting points for information are the resources on the Career Counseling website related to choosing a major.  Additionally, a podcast is available for each of the three majors listed above.

Some of the more common occupations you will read or hear about in these resources are in business, media, law, social services, nonprofit, government/politics, and education.  Truly, the possibilities are endless, which is a nice feature for students seeking a major and career that offers variety.

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  9. A communication major offers a wide range of opportunities and versatile skills that can lead to diverse career paths. The field of communication encompasses various disciplines, including journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, digital media, and more.

    With a communication major, you can pursue roles such as a journalist, content writer, public relations specialist, social media manager, marketing coordinator, communication strategist, or media planner. The skills acquired through this major, such as effective written and verbal communication, critical thinking, research, and interpersonal skills, are highly valued in today’s professional landscape.

    Furthermore, a communication major provides a solid foundation for roles that require strong communication and presentation skills, such as event planning, corporate communication, human resources, and even entrepreneurship. The ability to effectively convey messages, build relationships, and navigate various media platforms is essential in today’s interconnected world.

    It’s important to note that the specific career opportunities will depend on your interests, strengths, and additional experiences or specializations you pursue during your studies. However, a communication major equips you with transferable skills that can be applied across industries and open doors to a wide array of exciting and fulfilling career path


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