Professional Science Master’s Degree


A former student brought to my attention an interesting option for science majors who aren’t envisioning a fit with the traditional PhD or MD routes to a career in the sciences.  The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree combines science and business courses, preparing students for careers in research and industry.  Though this path was new to me, a quick review of the PSM website reveals that some of the most prestigious universities and institutes in the country (and abroad) are offering this option.  Regardless of your science discipline, I encourage you to check out the different program options to determine if there is an area of study that jumps out to you.  Exploring something unfamiliar to you might just be the first step in uncovering your dream job.

23 thoughts on “Professional Science Master’s Degree”

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  6. PSMs were designed to meet a growing need for scientists with technical and professional skills in a specific field. Programs combine graduate study in science or mathematics with coursework in management, policy or law. krnl

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