Announcement: Late Night This Friday!

New students, take note.  Late Night is this Friday, and it is perhaps the best opportunity all year for you to learn about ways to get involved in the Baylor community.  Representatives from student organizations will be on hand to tell you about what they do and answer questions you have about plugging in with their groups.  Meaningful involvement in a student organization can offer opportunities to:

  • Engage in activities that you enjoy
  • Make new friends
  • Develop new skills
  • Explore your interests
  • Gain experience relevant to a potential career field

College is more than taking classes and preparing to get a job when you graduate.  This is a time to discover who you are and who you want to be.  You don’t have to wait until Friday to begin checking out your options.  You can start browsing the list of Baylor’s student organizations here.  Mark your calendar…Late Night will start at 9:00 p.m. on Friday and wrap up at midnight.  Click here for more details.

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