Career Spotlight: Investment Manager

Investment managers are often referred to as portfolio managers. O*NET states that investment managers perform the following tasks:

  • Manage investment funds to maximize return on client investments.
  • Select specific investments or investment mixes for purchase by an investment fund.
  • Analyze acquisitions to ensure conformance with strategic goals or regulatory requirements.
  • Select or direct the execution of trades.
  • Develop or implement fund investment policies or strategies.
  • Develop or direct development of offering documents or marketing materials.
  • Evaluate the potential of new product developments or market opportunities, according to factors such as business plans, technologies, or market potential.
  • Identify group or individual target investors for a specific fund.
  • Meet with investors to determine investment goals or to discuss investment strategies.
  • Monitor regulatory or tax law changes to ensure fund compliance or to capitalize on development opportunities.

Investment managers need to be knowledgeable of economic, accounting, sales, and marketing principles and practices. They also require a strong background in mathematics.

Investment managers possess strong active listening, speaking, and critical thinking skills. They also have the ability to analyze financial data.   

The median salary for investment managers in 2010 was $96,450.

Investment managers often have undergraduate degrees in business. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can make a candidate more marketable.

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