Career Spotlight: Clinical Laboratory Scientist

The Clinical Laboratory Scientist works as a healthcare detective, generating laboratory data to detect such illnesses as cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and bacterial or viral infections.  Although these scientists have limited direct patient contact, they are a vital member of the healthcare team that diagnoses and treats patients. 

Career opportunities are numerous and can involve work in a hospital setting, public health laboratory, forensic science laboratory or with Indian Health Services.  The Baylor program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences includes biology and chemistry courses that culminate with a one year internship in a hospital or university setting. 

For more information on this career path, visit or contact Career Counseling.

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  2. The role of a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) is crucial in the field of healthcare. These professionals play a vital role in disease diagnosis, autistic test monitoring, and treatment by generating accurate and reliable laboratory data.

  3. It’s fascinating to see the critical role Clinical Laboratory Scientists play in healthcare. They are like unsung heroes working behind the scenes to detect and diagnose various illnesses, ultimately contributing to the well-being of patients. Their work is indispensable in modern medicine, and it’s impressive to learn about the diverse career opportunities available in this field.

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