Risk Management and Insurance Major

Preparing students for careers in both financial and non-financial industries, the focus of the Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) major is value protection.  According to the major’s website:

“RMI has traditionally focused on strategies that might be adopted by a firm or individual to manage those risks that are insurable.  Such strategies encompass the management of property and liability risks as well as financial risks related to mortality and morbidity.  During recent years, however, increased volatility of interest rates, foreign exchange rates, and commodity prices have caused firms and individuals to adopt a more holistic, or integrated, view of risk management.” 

The site makes note that the major can be a nice complement to majors in finance, financial planning, and economics.  Additionally, the major’s website details specific credentials that students are encouraged to pursue.  The RMI major is an option on the Bachelor of Business Administration degree plan.  Major courses are outlined here.

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