What will it cost me?

One thing that might be helpful when exploring career paths is also considering cities where you might want to live.  The cost of living differential can vary greatly, so it might help to see what kind of salary will fit with the lifestyle you are planning on.  Here are several resources that may help:

1.  http://www.bestplaces.net/col/

This website will enable you to compare to cities and see what the cost of living difference is.  For example, it is 111% more expensive to live in New York City than in Waco, TX.  The housing alone is 494% more in NYC than Waco.  While the salaries will adjust some as well, this resource can be a bit of an eye opener when you are considering cost of living expenses.

2.  http://www.lmci.state.tx.us/realitycheck/

If you plan to live in Texas, this website can be a really helpful tool.  It takes you step by step through many different budgetary items for you to consider and allows you to see the kind of salary that will keep pace with those expenditures.  It also shows you what career fields make salaries that will fit with your budget.

3.  Make it your own.

Explore different cities, finding particular housing, cars, utility costs, etc. and make your own customized and realistic budget.  Sometimes you might have to adjust your budget to fit with an entry level salary.

Hopefully these tips will help as you consider your future career paths!

3 thoughts on “What will it cost me?”

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