Baylor in Oxford

Have you ever wanted to study in the same location as the history and authors you are reading about?  Would you like the opportunity to take courses on a variety of topics that could perhaps fit in your degree plan?  Have you always wanted to experience Great Britain?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be interested in exploring the study abroad option of Baylor in Oxford.  The program has put together a fascinating prezi with photos featuring some of the incredible experiences you are bound to discover on this amazing journey.  Please take a moment to view the prezi here:  You will also find an abundance of information on the website:  Please take some time to consider this option for Summer II study from July 5 – August 8.  The deadline for application is February 1, 2012, so act quickly!


If you would like to explore other study abroad options available at Baylor, please see:

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