Making the Most of Your Christmas Break

You are almost there…the long-awaited Christmas Break.  Right now, your mind is probably focused on all of those papers, exams, and final projects standing between you and your celebration.  Keep focused, and finish out the semester strong, taking advantage of the study breaks being hosted by the Paul L. Foster Success Center in the Sid Richardson Building.  Stop by tomorrow from 2-3pm for free Dr Pepper floats and cookies.  On Wednesday, you can snag free coffee and cookies from 3-4pm.

Once you are on holiday, your biggest concern might be how late to sleep in, how many of your high school friends to visit that day, or how many Christmas cookies to munch.  However, your Christmas Break is prime time for major and career exploration activities.  You won’t have the same burdens of homework weighing you down, as during the semesters, and you will probably be closer to your network of friends and family.  Relatives, friends’ parents, and church members are great people to ask about opportunities to job shadow or conduct an information interview.  The Christmas Break can also free up some time to do career research using online resources.  Finally, check out this career planning timeline for additional ideas.

Don’t forget to take time to relax, and know that your friendly Baylor career counselors are here to help when you return to campus.  Best wishes on final exams, and Merry Christmas!

*Note:  Bloggers need a vacation too!  We will resume posting on Monday, January 9, 2012.

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