Career Spotlight: Public Relations Specialist

When you hear the words public relations, what comes to mind?  Is it planning massive events, a celebrity’s spokesperson sending out a “no comment” response, or even someone “spinning” a story to make an organization look more positive?  The media has done little to conquer stereotypes of the profession of public relations.

At the core of public relations is writing, which makes it fitting that the Public Relations sequence is an option of the Journalism major at Baylor.  Strong grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills are a must for success in this field.  Public relations specialists work hard to promote a positive image of an organization or individual.  They use various forms of media to communicate their messages, such as print, online, and broadcast media.  Public relations specialists also need to be adept at interpersonal skills, since they work closely with staff from the various media outlets.

If promoting the good that others are doing sounds good to you, here are some ways you can learn more about a career in public relations:

Public Relations Society of America

Baylor University’s Department of Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media

What Can I Do with This Major?

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