Session 1


We thought we would spend this first week of blog life sharing with you the career counseling process we use at Baylor.  We have found this three session model to be useful and effective in helping students discern options for their future paths in life.  The entire process takes about a month to complete, so it might be helpful to keep that in mind when scheduling your appointments.

The first session involves meeting with your career counselor for the first time and discussing YOU!  Your counselor will ask you a variety of questions about a variety of things, from your interests to information about previous work experiences.  Now, don’t worry about having all of the answers during that first session.  You will receive an email prior to your first appointment that lists the questions you are likely to be asked in your first session, so you can prepare ahead of time.  Even if you can’t remember or think of an answer during your session, it’s okay.  The questions you are asked are things that will be helpful for you to continue to process as you go throughout your day.  Who knows, you may have a revelation when you are out walking your dog or ordering your favorite coffee drink at Common Grounds!

You never know when inspiration will strike, so it is our hope that you will continue to mull over some of these questions to get to the heart of who you are and what you want out of life, so you can make sure your career and major options fit with those goals and dreams.  It’s also helpful to talk to family, friends, and anyone that you feel has good insight into who you are to gain more ideas.  Once you uncover this info about yourself, you may have an easier time narrowing down the types of classes and types of work you feel will be right for you.  It’s also okay if you feel lost or confused about which path to step on next.  That’s what we are here for – to help guide you on your journey – and it is a journey.  If it were a simple process, we would have bowls of fortune cookies all over our offices that you could choose from—maybe even some of those chocolate dipped ones with sprinkles!  It’s a journey, but it is a worthy one.  We look forward to helping you each step of the way.

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