Welcome to the official Baylor Career Counseling blog.  We’re glad you have stopped by and hope that, over time, you will find resources and useful information that will help guide you on your path at Baylor and beyond.  Our hope for this blog is to share information about different majors we offer on campus as well as details about a wide variety of careers.  If you have any specific requests for information regarding a particular major or career, please leave a comment and we will try to give information on requested majors and careers first.  We also will try to give current information about events happening at Baylor that may be particularly pertinent to major and career exploration.

This week, we will begin by detailing what the office of Career Counseling does and who we serve.  We use an individualized, three-session process to help students discover majors and career paths.  The students who are most helped by attending career counseling sessions are those who are unsure of their major; considering changing their major; sure of their major, but unsure about career options with their chosen major; and those who would like a bit more confirmation regarding their current path.  We also can help students who are interested in exploring graduate school subject options.  I hope you find your time you spend reading the blog well spent.  Thanks again for stopping by!

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