23 December 2020 – Reflection


Mark 11:1-11

Advent is a marked season of waiting in the Church calendar. A season of waiting for the return of Christ, and we wait with hope, joy, peace, and love. We recognize that this waiting is not always easy, but it allows us to be formed more fully into the image of Christ.
The Jews of Jesus’ day were familiar with waiting. They had been waiting many, many years for their Messiah. There were many ideas about how the Messiah would save the Jews from their years of captivity. Most often, it was imagined that the Messiah would bring a military victory, defeating the earthly kingdoms that had kept them from living out their faith and living into the freedom they find in God.
Mark 11 paints a picture of the triumphant entry into Jerusalem that the Jews would have been expecting for the military messiah. A triumphant entry was usually reserved for victors returning home from battle. The city gathered in the streets to cheer them on, celebrating their victory. Jesus’s triumphant entry in Mark 11 reminds us that he ultimately has the final victory over sin and death. Jesus might not have been the Messiah that the Jews of his day were expecting, but he brought much more than a military victory; he brought salvation.
For many of us, 2020 has felt like a long season of waiting. The good news is the same promise Jesus brought to the world in Mark 11, and it is alive and active for us today. So, we wait for the fullness of the Kingdom of God to be present with us with the understanding that it will be greater than we could ever imagine.
So, this Advent season, let us wait with hope, joy, peace, and love as we hold onto the promises of what is to come.