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Beloved Office Manager Retires May 14, 2021

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After 33 years of employment by Baylor University, JPR&NM Office Manager Margaret Kramer retired May 31.

“We are sincerely going to miss Ms. Kramer,” Chair Mia Moody-Ramirez, Ph.D., said. “We thank her for all that she has done for Baylor University and for our department.”

During her 33 years at Baylor, Kramer worked for several administrators in different departments, including English and FDM/Communications.

“Margaret was my go-to person for EVERYTHING!” Baylor Director of Student Media Bruce Gietzen said. “If she didn’t already know the answer, she always connected me with the right person to find what I needed.  Plus, every time she had the department’s best interests in mind!”

Kramer is known for her caring personality, quick wit and bowl of chocolate that she constantly replenished for students, faculty and staff.

“We are thankful  for the laughter, the hard work, and the extremely good chocolate,” Moody-Ramirez said.

Kramer always treated everyone the same.

Her favorite quote was: “whether time, money, possessions, or words of faith and encouragement, we all have something to give that might just be the difference in the way someone else’s day — even someone else’s life — goes.”

“I had a sign over my office door that I could see from my desk. I put it there on purpose because I could read it and most people never noticed it,” she said. “It was a good reminder to me. I tried to treat others the way I would want someone to treat the people I care about and love.”

In in a fun-filled send off, the department sponsored a celebration for Kramer at the Baylor Club, where she was showered with an outpouring of love, gifts and tributes.

“Ms. Kramer was a ray of sunshine in the Journalism department and our biggest cheerleader,” Administrative Associate Lanisa Tovar said. “I wish her all the happiness and blessings in her retirement.”

Senior Lecturer Cassy Burleson remembers her as having a “listening heart.”

“Margaret, who never minded if I called her “MK” for short, solved problems pragmatically, often with a sense of humor,” she said. “She did kind deeds behind the scenes for faculty, staff and students. She’s way too young to be retiring, but it will be fun to see the mischief she gets into. I’m glad she’s my neighbor in Lorena and that our friendship will continue.”


–Mia Moody-Ramirez, Ph.D.


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