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Doug Ferdon Scholarship Fund May 12, 2021

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In his long career at Baylor University, both as a faculty member and as chair, Dr. Doug Ferdon’s primary focus was on students. He mentored, nurtured, and empowered numerous generations of young journalists and public relations professionals. He stayed in touch. He made connections. He wrote untold letters of reference and recommendation.

Ferdon joined Baylor in 1982, as the Lariat adviser and later became a full-time faculty member, teaching Law & Ethics and History of Journalism. He also served as chair while teaching.

Since his retirement in 2014, Ferdon has continued as an adjunct instructor, although he said when he retired that he was going to “just read books and play golf.” He didn’t.

“When I began college in the 1960s, enrollment was doubling across the U.S. Baby Boomers, including women and minorities, were finding a college education part of their dreams. Teaching for 46 years – full-time and part-time – I saw the costs rise. If a scholarship in my name can help just a little, it would give me great pleasure,” Ferdon said.

Ferdon is that kind of person—kind, forward-thinking and wise. He patiently built the JPRNM village while fostering harmony along the way.

How to Give:

Any donor wanting to support this fund should visit www.baylor.edu/give and in the Search Funds text box, type Dr. Doug Ferdon (or other specified fund) and his endowed scholarship fund for JPRNM will appear as an option to select for the giving form; then they’ll complete the requested donor details and payment information selections for gift processing.


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