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AEJMC Midwinter Conference May 12, 2021

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By Emily Guajardo

Focused on their area of journalistic and critical thinking expertise, three members of the Baylor Journalism, Public Relations and New Media department presented their research at this year’s virtual Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Midwinter Conference hosted by the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of Oklahoma.

Although normally held in Oklahoma , it was held virtually this year. Participants from the Baylor Department of Journalism, Public Relations & New Media were Drs. Alec Tefertiller, Chair Mia Moody-Ramirez and graduate student Emily Guajardo. The three were selected from hundreds of submissions, ultimately leading them to present their collaborative work and participate in panel presentations.

Working closely with other scholars, Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez presented two papers within two categories including the Mass Communication and Society Division and the Commission on the Status of Women. Partnering with Dr. Dorothy M. Bland from The University of North Texas, Dr. Gheni N. Platenburg from Auburn University and Dr. Mira Lowe, University of Florida, their paper titled Still She rises: An analysis of memes and misinformation about Kamala Harris moving from U.S. Senator to Vice President touched on subjects pertaining to the media portrayal of Vice President Kamala Harris. Along with this paper, Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez co-presented an article titled A case study of BBQ Becky- themed memes alongside Dr. Dorothy M. Bland from The University of North Texas and Dr. Hazel Cole from the University of West Georgia

Moody-Ramirez participated in the research panel presentation sponsored by the AEJMC Commission on the Status of Women. Titled, “Women rising in this political movement,” Baylor journalism alumna Dr. Mimi Wiggins Perreault, served as moderator and Dr. Paro Pain served as discussant. Other presenters were George L. Daniels; Dorothy M. Bland, Gheni N. Platenburg; Mira Lowe; Indah Setiawati and Monique L. R. Luisi.

Presenting his research within the Entertainment Studies Interest Group division, Tefertiller explained the effects of entertainment and media in his article titled Am I addicted, or just binging? Towards a functional definition of extended television viewing.

Working closely with fellow scholar, Dr. Lindsey Maxwell from the University of Southern Mississippi, the team worked diligently to express new academic research and scholarship for the field. Along with this presentation, Tefertiller to moderated a panel session titled Publish without perishing: How to get the most out of research collaborations between grad students and faculty. Sponsored by the Southwest Education Council for Journalism and Mass Communication,  Tefertiller asked graduate students and professors to discuss the challenges of working alongside one another, as well as the opportunities that result from such partnerships.

Guajardo was invited to speak alongside her mentor, Moody-Ramirez. The two spoke about the benefits of working on articles for the purpose of publication as well as how to continue professional relationships post-graduate studies. The discussion was moderated by Tefertiller who also served as a panelist.

Other panelists were Lauren A. Auverset, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Raluca Cozma, Kansas State University; Tracy Everbach, University of North Texas; Ryan Urban, Kansas State University; Lauren Horst, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; and T. Phillip Madison, University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Guajardo also presented her line of research titled Corporate culture, EOR, Social media and corporate social policies: A content analysis looking into corporations’ modern policies within the Media Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship Division. Her work focused on the nuances behind social media policies in the workplace and how those policies often contradict the workplace environment and culture.

All three presenters received high remarks on their work and plan to continue submitting to other conferences and publications this year.


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