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Flagship Podcast: Direct Line December 10, 2020

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By Jon Platt

In a year full of what seems like more downs than ups, the Baylor Line Foundation has been proud to continue both the legacy of the Baylor Family and our incredibly beneficial, important, and unique relationship with the Journalism Department. So many of my best writers, interns, and partnerships come from the second floor of Castellaw and it is a joy to stay so very connected with the place I called home as a Baylor student.

A new addition to our product suite at Baylor Line Foundation is our already stellar, flagship podcast, Direct Line. Each episode features a fantastic, engaging, and always insightful conversation with a different member of the Baylor Family, and you’ll not be surprised to recognize many of my guest in our first season. Dr. Moody-Ramirez and I spoke about (among many other things) how you can best prepare yourself and your team to respond in crisis. Robert F. Darden nearly brought me to tears several times during our conversation on his latest piece for Baylor Line Magazine on the story of highly acclaimed author Mike Dewlen and how he struggled to properly grieve the loss of his son, Baylor alum Mike Dewlen, to the Vietnam War.

You’ll also find conversations with other contributors to our Fall magazine in your feed, including current JPRNM student Sophia Alejandro and alumna (and now current JPRNM graduate student) Rae Jefferson. You can get each episode by following Direct Line in your favorite podcast app or by visiting baylorline.com/podcast.

At Baylor Line Foundation, we consider it an absolute honor to be the voice of Baylor alumni since 1859 and a true privilege to continue the legacy of the Baylor Family with you. Don’t miss these captivating interviews and many more!”

All my best,

Editor-in-chief, Baylor Line Magazine


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