The Kaltura Media Platform

is a set of tools for creating, editing, managing, searching, and delivering video and audio content online. These tools are available to all users within the Canvas LMS.

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Kaltura’s presentation capture tool built right into your Canvas course.

Kaltura FAQs

Course Menu in Canvas

What is My Media?

The My Media page shows the media that you either created or uploaded. Items in My Media are associated with you, not with your course, and will follow you from course to course in Canvas. My Media items are only viewable to you until you publish them to a Media Gallery.

What is Media Gallery?

The Media Gallery contains all media published by any member of the course. The course instructor can moderate content and view usage statistics using the Action menu.

How do I add media?

You can create new media in several ways via the Add New menu on the My Media page: media-addnew

  1. Upload an existing media file Click Add New > Media Upload and choose a local file to upload. Enter metadata information about the media and click Save .
  2. Record from a webcam Click Add New > Webcam Recording to launch the Webcam window. Depending on your browser, you may need to give permission for the plugin to launch. In the Record from Webcam window, click anywhere in the recording area to start recording. Click anywhere in the recording area to stop recording, and click Save . Enter metadata information about the media and click Save .
  3. Record a presentation Click Add New > Presentation Capture to launch the recording application (called CaptureSpace). If this is your first time using Presentation Capture, click the Download link and then run the one-time installer from your Downloads folder. Once the installer has completed, launch CaptureSpace by clicking Add New > Presentation Capture again. Click here for a guide to using Presentation Capture.
  4. Embedding YouTube video Click Add New > YouTube and paste a link to a YouTube video. Enter metadata information about the media and click Save .

How do I capture a lecture?

Capturing a lecture, either in class or at your desk, is simple using CaptureSpace. CaptureSpace allows you capture camera, screen, audio, and PowerPoint together and publish that content to your course. Install and launch CaptureSpace from My Media by clicking  Add New > Presentation Capture. You can use either your computer’s built-in microphone and/or webcam or an external mic and/or camera. For more detailed information on using CaptureSpace, see this guide.

How can I edit my video?

On your My Media page, click Edit for the media you want to edit. In the Edit Media window, you can:

  • Edit the name, description, and other metadata
  • Trim the video or create new clips
  • Select a frame to use as the media thumbnail
  • Add chapters and slides for quick navigation
  • Enable downloads of the media
  • Add attachments and captions

How about some tips for using CaptureSpace?

  • If using a PowerPoint presentation, be sure to upload the presentation file through CaptureSpace. A chapter will be automatically created for each slide and the text on the slide will be searchable for viewers. Slides can be modified even after your content has been uploaded.
  • If recording a longer lecture, try to break up your material into segments no longer than 15 minutes. If you do not wish to break up the material, use slide text and chapters to make your content searchable and more easily accessible for review.
  • Students often prefer to see their instructor along with the presentation material. Use a webcam to capture yourself talking to camera.
  • Allow your natural enthusiasm to come across in the video. Enthusiasm translates into more engaging video content.
  • If using multiple cameras along with a PowerPoint presentation, know that viewers will only be able to view one video feed at a time alongside your PowerPoint slides. 

How can I publish my content?

To share media files from My Media (private to you) to Media Gallery (public to a course):

  1. Go to My Media
  2. Select the media you want to publish
  3. From the Actions drop down menu, select Publish

How can I tell who watched and for how long?

Instructors can access the Media Gallery Analytics page to view different engagement reports for students enrolled in a course. In a course Media Gallery, click Actions and then Analytics . You can use the Dashboard for a quick glance, or view more detailed reports by clicking the following tabs.

  • Media Analytics Report The media analytics report lists all the content available in the course Media Gallery. For each media entry, the number of plays is displayed, total view time, average view time and the average drop-off rate.
  • Engagement Analytics Report The engagement analytics report lists all the users enrolled to the course that have viewed at least one video from the Media Gallery. For each user, the total view time, average view time and average drop-off rate are presented.
  • Contribution Analytics Report The contribution analytics report lists all the users that contributed content to the Media Gallery.

Can I add media to other content in Canvas?

You can embed content from My Media or Media Gallery anywhere you have access to the rich-text editor, such as Discussions, Announcements and Course Pages. moreexternaltools-canvas To embed content from the text editor, choose Embed Kaltura Media. Any content you select will appear as a gray box in the editor. You can re-size media by dragging the corners of the box.

Can I share media outside of Canvas?

Media can only be embedded and viewed from within Canvas. If you have an academic need to share content outside of Canvas, please email for further discussion.