Audio Booth Support

Need some extra help with recording audio? Here are some tips and FAQ’s to guide you through the audio production process. 


  1. Remember to close the audio booth door tight
  2. Make sure to keep the studio speaker volume down during recording so you don’t get any feedback
  3. Leave a 1-2 second buffer after pressing the record button and before pressing stop to ensure you don’t cut yourself off



Q: What if I want to add audio I record to a video I’ve recorded? 

A: We have powerful editing computers right across the hall from the audio booth.  Just export your audio and bring it to the computers and add it to an iMovie or Premiere Pro project. 

Q: Is there a way to record video in the audio booths?

A: Yes! You can check out a webcam from our checkout program and bring it to the audio booth to record both video and audio.