After recording a video in the Video Booth, you will most likely need to edit it to get the final product that you are envisioning.  The Media Lab has two powerful computers that make video editing easy! Right across the hall from the video booth, our editing room includes a Mac and a PC computer for editing.  iMovie is a Mac program, so you will want to use the Mac computer on the left.

Once logged in, open the iMovie application and use the following instructions.  Happy Editing!


Step 1: Create new movie

Either ‘new movie’, plus sign, or file>new)

Step 2:

Don’t create a theme, give the movie a name

Step 3:

Import media (click on down arrow, file>import media, drag media into media library)

Click on media>import selected

Step 4:

Add media to timeline (click and drag, or double click and click plus sign)

Step 5:

Syncing audio and video in iMovie

Drag video and audio down onto the timeline

Turn on waveforms (down at bottom right)

Turn down audio on original clip

Step 6:

Editing video

Step 7:

Editing audio (click and drag to adjust volume)

Fade in/out using slider at beginning and end of clip

Add in and out points on your audio (Option+click on audio)

R-click>detach audio

Step 8:

Exporting (top right corner or file>share)


R-click to split clip

Double click on effects to change time

Project settings

Menu above playback window

Crop to fill (crop>crop to fill)

Pic in Pic/side by side

Speed up/slow down clip

Color correct

Flip clip under filter

Audio effects