Semester Goals and Future

When starting this course and the beginning of the semester I had certain goals.  Those were to get good grades in the semester.  I also wanted to lead a healthier life style including eating healthy and trying to work out more.  While there were a few minor goals these were the main ones.  At the […]

Mind Control or Agenda Setting

Do you always think for yourself?  Most would answer yes to this question.  While most the time we do sometimes messages in our environment effect our thoughts.  This is particularly seen in the news media especially now more than ever.  People rely on the news to know what is going on in their community but […]

How Medium Effects the Message

What does it mean for a medium to be the message?  Another way to think of this is what do certain mediums have that others don’t.  For instance, when we talk to individual face to face we pick up on inflections in voice, gestures, and other factors.  On the other hand, when we communicate over […]

Uniting an Audience

Uniting an Audience

How does one build or start a company, church, government or revolution?  The truth is you need to have people in order to build things as such.  Not only need people you have to persuade them to buy into your idea in order to form a united front.  Second, how do great leaders successfully get […]


When people think of authority, they do not normally associate it with danger.  While typically it is not associated with danger it can be.  This became apparent to me when watching the movie Catch Me If You Can.  In this movie Leonardo DiCaprio plays a 19-year-old who becomes an unbelievable con man.  He commits cons […]

Social Proof

Have you ever encountered an emergency situation?  If so did you take action or did you try to avoid the situation.  Some people may even be oblivious to if an emergency situation is occurring.  Furthermore, have you ever been walking in a city and pass by a person who is in need of money, food, […]

Does Consistency Matter

Have you ever wanted to change or accomplish something?  If so, have you ever written down goals in order to enact that change?  It has shown that when people verbally and physically write down their goals they are more likely to accomplish them.  This is the same for when people tell others they are close […]

Contrast Principal

Let’s say that you were looking to get a tree house for your family.  Upon doing the research you find someone well informed on how to build tree houses.  When meeting with this person he shows you two examples of what he could build for you family.  When showing the first one it is high […]