Semester Goals and Future

When starting this course and the beginning of the semester I had certain goals.  Those were to get good grades in the semester.  I also wanted to lead a healthier life style including eating healthy and trying to work out more.  While there were a few minor goals these were the main ones.  At the beginning of the semester it came off to a slow start and I immediately began to put myself in a hole and not working toward my goal of good grades. Annhiengrad Unisex Adult Matte Graduation Cap with ...

After a few weeks I began to focus and put more time into my school work.  I realized I had a problem with time management, so I began to work at that.  By creating more time for my studies, I began to do better in school and began to be closer to reaching my goals.  This semester has been the one that has tested me the most.  The sense of being so close to graduating and having a hard semester was scary and at times I thought I might not be able to do it.  After putting the work in I believe at the end of the semester I will have made some good grades and passed all of my classes.


While to goal of making good grades seems as a minor task or goal for me it is the most important.  I have had a trouble with school and eventually needed to take a break and just work for a while.  After being tired of working as a bartender and waiter for I was ready to come back to school.  I was more than ready to just be done with school and move on to get a good job and enjoying life.  By getting good grades this semester all I will have left to take is Spanish three and four.  Thankfully I have two transfer credits left so I will be able take these at McLennan Community College saving a lot during this crazy time in our lives.   Since this last part of the semester I have begun to feel comfortable with online classes, so I signed up for online.  This will allow me to apply and interview for jobs while also finishing my degree.  What I do know for my future is that I do need to set goals to get to where I want to go, and I also need to work for them.  Just like how this semester went I had the goal of making good grades, but no progress was made toward that goal until I started working harder and smarter.  For the future my goals are to get my degree at the end of the summer, and I plan to get a good job preferably in the Dallas area.  I have already signed up for class, so I have made a little progress toward the degree.  What I need to do is to study hard and do everything I can to pass these last two classes.  Second, I need to edit my resume and begin to apply to jobs.  Hopefully by following these steps I will reach my goals and have a great future after Baylor.

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