For the Campus Community

Moody’s Makersapce and the Maker’s Edge occasionally team up for events and activities. Moody library also hosts multimedia and making workshops.

For Kids and Volunteers

The Mayborn Design Den has monthly programs, outreach events, and an after school Maker Club geared towards K12, but adults and college students are often welcome. Volunteers opportunities available! More details at Mayborn Design Den.

Maker’s Edge Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops generally free to Maker’s Edge members. Trial membership available from TechPoint qualifies for all classes. Any additional costs for workshops must be covered by the participant.

McLennan County Community College

MCC has many continuing education classes for makers. Check out the full catalogue below, and especially look up “Arts & Hobbies” under Community Programs.

Baylor Elective Courses for Makers

Many departments have classes and practica that teach making. Below is a sample list by department that are available to any student.

ART 1314 Design 1A (Two-dimensional)

Lines, shapes, values, colors, and textures in unified and varied organizations. Emphasis on imaginative development of spatial feeling, transitions, contrasts, and compositions. Fee: $50

ART 2334 Introduction to the Camera and Black and White Darkroom

Black and white fine art photography, emphasizing 35mm cameras and wet lab darkroom processes.  Cameras provided. Fee: $50

ART 2336 Digital Photography for Non-Majors

An introduction to digital cameras, color, and the digital lab Students supply their own digital cameras. Fee: $50

ART 2340/2341 Ceramic Design 1A/1B (for non-art majors only)

Designing, shaping, decorating, glazing, and firing of clay forms such as tiles, pottery, and figures. Fee: $50

CSI 1337 Introduction to Video Game Design

This course will introduce students to the theory and application of video game design.  Students will work in teams to create video games in a game development engine.  The students will also learn theory behind good game design, including the use of game rules to enhance gameplay, the creation of virtual worlds, and the use of games as a social experience. No prior programming experience is required. Fee: $50

FCS 1231 Design and Creative Technologies

The study of art and design principles through the use of creative technologies including image creation and editing software, digital sketching and illustration, and project management systems, to develop communication and marketing materials.

ID 1313 Interior Design Graphics I

Introduction to basic techniques of architectural drafting with an emphasis on industry standards, architectural symbols, lettering, and line weights.  Graphics will focus on interior floor plans, elevations, sections, details, and axonometric drawings. Fee: $60

ID 2322 Computer-Aided Drafting and Design I

Prerequisite(s):  A minimum grade of C in ID 1313.
   Emphasis on a broad range of two-dimensional computer-aided drafting and design techniques for interiors as specified by industry standards, including computer graphics and various aspects of project management. Fee: $60

THEA 2385 Technical Theatre for Non-Theatre Majors

An introductory study of the tools, techniques, and concepts related to the technical aspects of theatre production.  Fee: $75