Digital Fab

Makerspaces take many forms (often $$$ and ft²). Ours is a tidy 12’x16′ and emphasizes digital fabrication. A 3D printer farm sits on the right, which continues to service our 3D print fulfillment service (details) but will soon be open use as well. Four Lulzbots, a Prusa MK2, and a DaVinci 1.0. Wall whiteboard beside to mind map your project.

Carvey® CNC carver and Glowforge® laser cutter and engraver are the showpieces of the space. We look forward to rolling this out for demos around the library and campus.

Project materials include PCBs, wood, HDPE, plexiglass, acrylic, soft metals, linoleum. Hundreds of free projects available online or design your own.

On the left wall is our vinyl cutter and a soldering/electronics station. Limited storage space available for class projects by special request.

Each time a new technology enhances creative work, the libraries have an opportunity to evolve. Libraries have always supported creativity, discovery, and inquiry, and adopting these emerging technologies is simply another step forward.

David Burns

Director, from 2018 ITS & Libraries Magazine