Maker’s Edge and Baylor University have partnered to provide Faculty, Staff, and Students with Two Week Passes to Maker’s Edge Makerspace.

Students’ creativity and end results are pushed to the next level when they have access to the latest tools to prototype ideas and designs. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to bring students to Maker’s Edge to tour the facilities, get acquainted with the tools, and give students access to get hands on learning and creating, whether it be prototyping art pieces or bringing student engineering design projects to life.

Jessica Escobedo

Manager, Maker's Edge

First time users should create an account with Maker’s Edge and sign up for the “Basic Orientation + Shop Safety” course and any others that interest you.

Activate your pass on class day to maximize your shop time.

Returning user? Activate a new pass the day you want to restart work. Sign up for more courses if you need and activate a pass on training day.


Start Today!

Visit The Maker’s Edge Makerspace at 1800 Austin Avenue beside the Wine Shoppe and the Waco Public Library.