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General FAQs

What is Edublogs?

Our WordPress networks are hosted by Edublogs, a company that specializes in managing large-scale WordPress networks for higher education. Edublogs’s service for higher education is called CampusPress. Whether you hear it called “Edublogs” or “CampusPress,” at the end of the day, it’s still just a customized instance of WordPress. If you’re familiar with WordPress already, then working in the Edublogs environment will come easy to you. WordPress is the application powering and may be self-hosted through the resources available via

How do I login?

Visit, click the “Site Login” link, and authenticate with Bear_ID (firstname_lastname) and password. These are the same credentials you use for other campus systems like Box, Canvas, and Outlook.

What’s my username?

Your username is your Bear_ID (firstname_lastname), not your 9-digit Baylor ID number. If no previous accounts or sites exist for you, a user account–but not a site–will be automatically created for you when you login.

How do I know if I have a site?

After you login, click the “My Sites” link found either in the Admin Bar or in the Dashboard. If you have a site, you’ll likely see a link for it in the “My Sites” menu. For additional guidance, visit Very often, you’ll see the site title, which will look something like, “Betty Baylor’s site.” If you don’t see a link to your site’s Dashboard in the “My Sites” menu, refer to the FAQ, “I have a user account but not a site. How can I get a site?” for further guidance.

What is my site’s URL (web address)?

Your site’s URL will look something like this: The part of the address that comes after is known as the “sitename” and will most commonly be (though not always) your username–your Bear_ID. Keep in mind that your sitename is not the same thing as your site title, which is the text that appears at the top of your web site.

When I login, I don’t see the Dashboard for my site, only a very limited one. How can I get to my Dashboard?

Your Dashboard may not default to the correct one. If you are not directed to your site’s Dashboard when you login, click the “My Sites” menu and select the Dashboard for your personal site.

How do I give another user access to my site?

Follow these instructions to add a collaborator to your site: Those you invite to as “Existing Users” must already have accounts. For more information on roles in WordPress, refer to the “Standard User Roles” section of this page:

How do I delete my site?

Please visit the following guide for more information about deleting your site:

How do I make my site private?

You may want to make your site inaccessible to regular web users while you’re developing it, or you may simply want to blog in privacy. Refer to this guide for more information about site privacy:

I’m leaving the university and want to take my site content with me. How do I do that?

WordPress features an export tool that allows you to transfer your pages, posts, and media to another WordPress site. In order for this process to work, both sites must be accessible to the Internet. Please refer to this guide to learn more about the export/import tool:


Faculty/Staff FAQs

May I request more than one site?

Absolutely! Simply complete this form to request your site:

What’s the difference between and

The network is for faculty only and may be used for personal web sites or project sites. The network is for faculty, staff, and students. We recommend using the network for student class sites and portfolios. Both networks have identical features.

How do I make my site look like a Baylor site?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to develop WordPress themes that look like the Baylor web site. However, most of our themes can be easily configured and styled to be consistent with the Baylor look and feel. Take advantage of all the variety of styles and layouts of our WordPress themes and be creative!

May I use Edublogs for my departmental web site?

Official department web sites belong in the university content management system supported by Electronic Communications. If you need assistance with your department’s web site, please contact the appropriate representative in the Electronic Communications department for further assistance.