Pictures and Maps

Below you will find several pictures that will demonstrate how segregation was gradual.  They show that it was not an immediate reaction to the civil war, but one that was developed over time.  African Americans experienced several years of freedom that was not inhibited by segregation after the Civil War, but this period was cut short by the Plessy decision in 1896.


1. What country is this map showing?
2. What is the title of the document? (Top of the original map)
3. What does aggregate population mean?
4.  What do each of the colors represent?
5. Where is the main concentration of African Americans?
6. Why is there a more concentrated color in the southern and eastern part of the country?
7. There are several instances in which there is an isolated population cluster that has developed apart from the main concentration of African Americans. Why might this happen?
8. How far up north does the African American population settle? What might motivate this to happen?

South Carolina State Legislature (click to enlarge)

1. Who are the men in this picture?
2. After what war is the title referencing?
3. What types of men are in the picture?
4. What state does this group of men represent? Where is that located (north or south)?
5. Why is it significant that so many African Americans are present in this picture?
6.  Do you think this trend (large proportions of African Americans in government) continues throughout the 19th century and into the 20th? Why or why not?

1. What is the title of this image?
2. Who are the three main men in the middle?
3. How are they dressed?
4.  Who are some of the smaller pictures of?
5. Are they all African American?
6. Why is it significant that there is both white and black men represented as heroes of the colored race?
7. Describe some of the scenes in the corners of the picture. Are they positive or negative?