Faculty Development

Teaching-Focused Faculty Development

Since 2005, Dr. Scales has had development of faculty and doctoral students as a major part of her academic life. Beginning with co-leadership of the Summer Faculty Institute from 2005–2008, she co-led the effort to create Baylor’s Academy for Teaching and Learning, which was launched in 2008. After being awarded the Master Teacher designation in 2016, she shifted to online education and, after a season of learning, now works with faculty learning to teach online.  Currently, as co-facilitator of the DIVE course, offered by Learning Design, she teaches a faculty course on online teaching.

Since 2019, Dr. Scales has been focusing on adjuncts in her own academic home: Garland School of Social Work. This series of videos about online, aimed at adjuncts teaching online, is available to the public.

Future Faculty Development

Dr. Scales’s faculty development extends to doctoral students across Baylor learning to teach. For a decade she taught the course “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.” Currently she co-facilitates the DOTS course, a certification program aimed at equipping Baylor doctoral students with the tools and knowledge needed to create an engaging and effective online learning environment.

She also teaches future faculty in a social work course “Teaching Practicum” in which social work doctoral students practice their teaching craft with support from course materials and weekly meetings with Dr. Scales.