Baptist Scholars International Roundtable (BSIR)

Formerly known as Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy, the Baptist Scholars International Roundtable (BSIR) promotes scholarship from Baptist perspectives across the ages and around the globe by facilitating a scholarly forum for exchange of ideas. At annual roundtable meetings, hosted at Christ Church, Oxford, England, senior scholars (BSIR Fellows) and a Visiting Fellow engage with the developing ideas of doctoral students, early-career and mid-career faculty (BSIR Scholars) presenting papers selected through a competitive process. Each roundtable meeting is organized around a theme, and the BSIR publishes its work periodically (see below). Dr. Scales co-directs the BSIR with Dr. João Chaves of Baylor University (Department of Religion).


Baptists and the Kingdom of God: Global Perspectives, edited by T. Laine Scales and João Chaves, Baylor University Press, 2023.

Tradition and the Baptist Academy, edited by Roger Ward and Philip E. Thompson, Paternoster, 2011 (978-1-84227-327-2)

The Scholarly Vocation and the Baptist Academy: Essays on the Future of Baptist Higher Education, edited by Roger Ward and David P. Gushee, Mercer University Press, 2008 (978-0881461046)


Perspectives in Religious Studies, Vol. 47 Issue 1 (2020).
Perspectives in Religious Studies, Vol. 44 Issue 1 (2017). “Trinity and Participation: Engaging and Celebrating Paul Fiddes.”

Perspectives in Religious Studies, Vol. 43 Issue 1 (2016). “Answering Dystopia: Christian Hope and the Promised End.”

American Baptist Quarterly, Vol. XXXIII, Fall-Winter 2014. “John Bunyan and the Baptist Academy.”

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