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Well, the big news is that Apple isn’t king. Check out this short little blog post by one of the webs technology sites, talking about how the Galaxy S III outsold Apple iPhones this last quarter. (Here‘s a slightly more comprehensive article, and here‘s fox business, using this fact to hate on Apple)

Also on the topic of Apple, the iPhone 5 was released in Mexico, despite Apple losing, again, to get the ‘iFone’ brandname.

And remember how the iPhone 5 just came out? Well, apparently they’re already working on the 5s.

It seems like everyone’s hating on Apple these days, just waiting for the mighty to fall. USA Today has this article, touting the Windows Phone 8 over the iPhone.

But don’t worry, people hate Microsoft too. Here’s an AP article with a pessimistic view of Windows 8 and IE 10.

CNN looks at the cell phone market with a little broader perspective. Here‘s an article from them about how texting declined for the first time ever. CNN also looks at technology as a whole with this article about loading times on the internet. A study now proves what we all knew: loading is the death of videos on the internet. People will only wait two seconds for a short video to load, and if it doesn’t, they move on.


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