Whisker Biscuit v. Fall-Away Piece

This is a little debate forum that I am opening up. Why do you use a whisker biscuit versus a fall-away piece, or vice versa. Begin!

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I am a student at Baylor University interested in pursuing a career in ministry. I enjoy learning foreign languages. One of my greatest loves is archery, which I have pursued from a very young age.
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4 Responses to Whisker Biscuit v. Fall-Away Piece

  1. Luke Calvert says:

    By far a fan of the whisker biscuit! Its simple, and simple = reliable. No moving parts, and simplicity of installation and operation make it incredibly user friendly and hassle free to maintain.

  2. Amy Drott says:

    I like the fall away piece myself. It is easier in my opinion.

  3. Edward Theodore Willowstein says:

    I agree with Mr. Calvert. Despite his obvious lack of muscle mass he does seem to understand the superiority of the whisker biscuit. While he pointed out the physical aspects which make a whisker biscuit far better than a fall-away piece, he failed to mention the simple and obvious reason why it is better. The name. Seriously, just say whisker biscuit. It’s great. The words “fall-away piece” just pale in comparison.

  4. RobinHood says:

    whisker biscuits are great for kids who need a little extra help

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