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Magnification Sights

What do you think of magnification sights on a bow? Personally, I feel that it ruins the art in archery. If you need a magnification sight, go buy a crossbow and stick a magnification sight on that. Then again, I … Continue reading

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Saracen Shooting

For many generations of archers, Legolas and Robin Hood were the mythical characters to imitate. But, apparently their ability to shoot multiple arrows in a short moment is far from mythical. I do not yet fully understand the technique, but the … Continue reading

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I have heard many viewpoints behind stabilizers. If you use a stabilizer, what length do you use, and why? If you do not use a stabilizer, why don’t you?

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Whisker Biscuit v. Fall-Away Piece

This is a little debate forum that I am opening up. Why do you use a whisker biscuit versus a fall-away piece, or vice versa. Begin!

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Definition of “Traditional Techniques”

When I say “traditional techniques,” I mean the way we learned at summer camp: Stand with your shoulder to the target with your feet shoulder-width apart, draw the string back smoothly, close one eye, imagine a line down the shaft … Continue reading

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