Work Experience

I have had a total of three jobs so far in my life.  The first one was as a nanny for a family who happened to be the owner of K2 Academy of Sports, which was my second job.   The third one is the one I currently have with the Outdoor Adventure Living and Learning Center at Baylor University.  Both places are good places to work at and offer several different work qualities.

K2 Academy of Sports

When I first applied to work here, I went in to my interview and during it, the owner, Kay Rodger, asked how I would feel about helping her and watching her children.  I accepted that job and watched her children until they moved to a different state.  At that point I went back to K2 and asked to work in the childcare program.  I started in the after-school care room working one-on-one with a child who has cerebral palsy.

From there, I integrated myself into more of their programs, such as holiday camps and birthdays, all while keeping up my volunteer work with the SOAR department.  K2 has helped me to grow as a person and to find what I love to do.  Although it is not exactly what I plan to do with my future, it is a stepping stone in the right direction to achieve that goal.

Outdoor Adventure Living and Learning Center

I got into working for this program my sophomore year of college.  It was after I spent my freshman year in the program as a member and learned what the program was about.  My freshman year I got to enjoy all that the program trips offered from a participant perspective.  Now I get to see it from a facilitator point of view.  I have learned how to organize trips, safety tips, and regulations involved in rock climbing and backpacking.  This job has forced me, in a good way, to expand my horizons and prepare me for things to look for.

Even though I have not had many jobs, the few I have had were fundamental building blocks to creating the future I want.  The first two jobs showed me that I want to work with not only children, but specifically special needs children.  My current job showed me a whole other side of life that has to do with the outdoors and teaching people responsibility.  Together, with both of these experiences, I hope to have a career with both.